Knights' Way topic aims to spread kindness


By Katie Hamilton, opinion editor
“Be kind.” It’s a simple request, and this year our Knights’ Way leaders decided to challenge the school with it.
This year’s first Knights’ way topic, Week of Kindness, will be taking place over the course of a week rather than a day. Seniors Bridget Robertson and Grace Berry are the brains behind the topic, who came up with the idea last year.
After Brandeis University, the school Berry’s sister attends, held a day of kindness, Berry was inspired to create a similar event for Knights’ Way.
Robertson says that one of the reasons she was immediately on board with Berry’s idea was because it really promotes what our school is about.
“I feel like Prospect itself is really good at internal anti-exclusion, and I feel like this is  just promoting that,” Robertson said.
In order to promote inclusion and kindness, Knights’ Way planned a week full of activities that relate to the topic. All of the activities are meant to show how fun and easy it is to be nice: compliment cards, candy, buttons, high fives and posters will all be incorporated.
“It takes the same amount of effort [to be nice] and it takes the same amount of time,” says Robertson.
To kick off the week, the student body will be greeted by positive messages written in chalk on the sidewalks that surround the school. Tuesday through Thursday, students will be able to write compliments or “knight notes” for their peers. Knights Way leaders will be at a booth in the commons during all lunch hours accepting the grams. All knight notes will be read aloud on Friday in second period classes.
One of Robertson’s hopes is that this week will set a precedent of kindness that students will continue to follow. She has a lot of confidence in the leadership qualities of the senior class. She believes that with their combined leadership qualities younger grades will be able to look up to them, and maybe even continue to have a week of kindness in future years.
Though the topic is broad, Roberson says the message is simple.
“The end goal is just to remind people how easy it is to be kind,” Robertson said.