Upcoming contest to showcase national parks


By Ayse Eldes, opinion editor
Sophomore Kathleen Gault wanted to do everything she could to learn more about photography. To pursue her interest, Gault read an abundance of articles on how to frame correctly, angling from sides, and other elements to take the perfect photo.
She practiced her photography skills at Acadia National Park while on a trip to Maine over the summer.
Students like Gault now have the opportunity to showcase their photography.
Prospect’s art department is hosting a school-wide photo show in October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Original photos of national parks and monuments, taken by Prospect students or staff, will be displayed at the “Art of the Park” show. Students like Gault can contribute with their artistry and interest by sending submissions by Oct. 5.
This is the first time Prospect’s art department will be hosting a show of this sort.
The idea was brought up by art teacher Barbara Shaffer. Shaffer noticed the abundant mention of the 100th anniversary in the news and used it to inspire the show’s theme.
The event is open to all of Prospect’s students, staff, faculty and administration. Those who wish to participate can email their work to [email protected]  have their photography showcased. However, the photos must be taken by the person who is submitting it.
“It [seems] like a good opportunity to feature something I’m proud of,” Gault said.