Food trucks roll into Bonfire Bash


By Mike Stanford, editor-in-chief
Food trucks will be a new addition at the Bonfire Bash on Oct. 5 from 6:30-9 p.m. The night will also feature life-sized board games, like Jenga and Connect Four, and a train for younger children.
The four food trucks coming on Wednesday night are Kona Ice, which sells flavored Italian ice; The Slide Ride, which serves chicken and burger sliders; Toasty Cheese, which specializes in grilled cheese, and Cupcakes for Courage, which donates a portion of its cupcake sales to cancer research. The prices will range from $3-7, and in the event of rain, the bash will move to the fieldhouse.
This year’s changes are part of Student Council’s efforts to attract more attendees to the Bonfire Bash, according to Student Council co-sponsor Kristen Ray. Originally, the event came after Knightgames, but since that was canceled four years ago, the bash has struggled to find its identity.
For two years, it was billed simply as an independent event. Ray thinks this led to many believing it to be a secondary dance for Knightimes. Last year, Student Council tried hosting a senior barbecue beforehand, which Ray believes made people think that Bonfire Bash was only for seniors as well.
According to Ray, the new attractions have garnered a lot of positive feedback so far. Students in her classes have loved the idea, and teachers have even asked if they can bring their families to taste what the food trucks have to offer.
Freshman Connor Parks agrees that the food trucks are a neat addition to Homecoming week. Ray hopes that this student excitement will translate to an electric atmosphere Wednesday night.
“People like food trucks,” Ray said. “When you see them in the city, or when you see them at a festival, at least I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome! I can try something different.’ I’m hoping students are excited about it.”