Pool closed due to lost water


By Grace Berry, print managing editor
Gym classes stopped swimming in Prospect’s pool last Wed. Nov 16. According to PE Aquatics Area Assistant Bob Reibel, it was noticed through sensors in the water that the pool was losing water.
“The water is replaced and refilled and replaced and refilled and there was a discrepancy of where those [water levels] should be, and that alerted us to a problem,” Reibel said.
The pool was drained last Thurs. Nov. 17. Reibel says the easiest way to describe the problem is that there is a leak in the pool, but essentially, the pool was losing more water than it should have been.
“It could be a lot of different things,” Reibel said. “That’s why the pool is being drained. It very easily could be a minor problem or it could be something more complex.”
According to Reibel, there will be different groups helping to fix the pool including the maintenance staff at Prospect and the company that built the pool.
Reibel says that students who were supposed to be swimming are now back in their regular gym classes and will be swimming as soon as they can.
Reibel believes all students will still get time in pool despite this problem because the school had built in time in case of any problems, although some gym classes might have less time in the pool.