Prospect’s jazz band receive first at North Shore Jazz Fest


By Grace Berry, print managing editor
Prospect’s jazz band participated in the North Shore Jazz Fest on Saturday Jan. 21 and received first in the competition.IMG_9833
“It was really exciting because when I joined jazz band freshman year, it wasn’t anything serious, and it’s really grown into this amazing program these past few years,” senior and trumpet player Adam Mead said. “Now, it’s cool to see all that hard work pay off.”
Senior Kevin Greene, who plays the drums in jazz band, has also been in this group since his freshman year. He was excited to win this award.
“Most of us don’t really play jazz to go win awards for it, but to be recognized in that way among so many other great bands was pretty special,” Greene said.
Prospect’s jazz band participates in two competitions every year and also performs at different places throughout the year. They recently played at a bar in Palatine called Durty Nellie’s.
In Prospect’s jazz band there are five trumpets, five trombones, six saxophones, a bass, piano, drums and guitar. Orchestra director Peter Weber directs the jazz band as well.
Greene likes having the opportunity to work with Weber as well as band director Chris Barnum.
“At most schools, the band director is also the jazz band director, but having Mr. Weber be the orchestra director and jazz band director [makes] it’s fun to be able to work with different people in different settings,” Greene said.
Greene explained that because everyone in the music department is so busy, jazz band only has time to rehearse once a week for two hours, but loves the time he gets to spend with his peers playing jazz music.
“We spend so much time together,” Greene said. “We get to come together in this band for however often and play great music together and have a blast together.”