Speech Team conference success

By Miranda Holloway

Staff Writer

Prospect performing arts have always been successful in shows and competitions. The marching band has won numerous prestigious contests, and the music department has been nominated for Grammies both this year and last year.

All of the music programs had the honor of sending their students to London to perform in New Years festivities last year. The orchestra has been invited back to perform for the 2013 new years parade. All of these ensembles have had impressive numbers of participants each year.

The speech team had always had small turn outs, and seemed to get lost in the shadows of the larger groups. This year however, membership swelled like never before.


The speech team has had tremendous success this season, with huge team of around 60 people. With the amount of people who have participated this season, there has been a great amount of enthusiasm going into every competition and practice. Senior captain Laura Winters says she is proud that the team came in second in the Mid- Suburban League, and that they had two people participate in most of the finals.

At the Conference meet, Prospect boasted competitors in 13 out of 14 events, including Dramatic Duet Acting, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Duet Acting, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Oratorical Declamation, Original Comedy, Prose Reading, Radio Speaking, Special Occasion Speaking, Verse Speaking, and Performance in the Round. The only event not competed was Extemporaneous Speaking.

Laura Winters says that Dramatic Interpretation, DI for short, is her strongest event due to the great deal of work that she has put into perfecting the script. She has also been  successful in Dramatic Duet Acting, which she competes with partner Nate Warner.

Winters says that an energetic team and “great coaching” has contributed to a lot of her success this season. She said that if a coach is busy, there is always a teammate that is willing to help with her event and script, giving constructive criticism.

Coach Jeremy Morton, commonly know as JMo, says that even with this year’s great success, winning isn’t everything.

“We have great energy.” Morton said, “[It’s] not about winning for us. It’s about communicating, telling stories, and moving people.”