Athletics use new weather system


By Nicholas Egea, news editor 
The Mid-Suburban League has a new weather policy called the “Wet Bulb Globe Temperature” (WBGT). This measurement is based off of the relative humidity and the temperature, opposed to just the heat index. (See table).
The WBGT is also broken up into zones, these zones delegate the amount of time and guidelines practices should follow. Green is the lowest zone and applies when the WBGT is less than 79.9 degrees. Ten minute water breaks are recommended. Black is the worst zone. At any WBGT greater than 90 degrees all practices are canceled, no exceptions. Altogether there are six zones that delegate the rules and regulations of practicing.
The new guidelines were written two summers ago by trainers in the Mid-Suburban League, after the Illinois High School Association first discovered the WBGT system. Prospect started using the WBGT this summer ,and it has worked well since.
The WGBT allows more leeway to the trainers because it is broken up into zones. Heat index was specific numbers and jumped around, causing lots of confusion.
“The WBGT is less restrictive,” said Trainer Katie Cottin. “But is more safe compared to the old system”.IMG_1661