KLC to stay open after school


By Grace Givan, executive entertainment editor 
On September 26, the Knights Learning Center (KLC) opened up to be after school, giving students a place to spend their time when school ends other than the commons. It is open until 4:15 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to correspond with when the activity buses come to take students home.
This KLC schedule was altered because Associate Principal Scott McDermott wanted to give students a space to be productive after school other than the commons.
“For me, it’s really trying to make sure that the resources that we have afforded kids up until this point continue,” McDermott said. “I think that’s really important. It will provide kids with the space to have purpose while they are here after school. We really don’t want kids just hanging out in the commons … because an hour of that always ends up with some kind of problem.”
This time extension for the KLC was not made possible prior to the 26 because teachers contracts allowed them to leave at 3:15, therefore leaving the KLC unsupervised. However, there were still two staff members monitoring the commons after school when the teachers left. Now, one of these staff members will go to the KLC, extending the amount of places a student can go and be supervised after school.
“Nothing for the [staff member’s] day changes at all,” McDermott said. “We are just looking at how we can use the resources we have differently.”
In order to get this message out, McDermott put this news on the announcements and told teachers to tell their students. If all goes well this week, then McDermott also plans to send out a message via Schoology and will talk about it at the “Freshman Coffee” this weekend for parents.
“We are always looking [to] figure out ways to provide resources to kids, and this is just one of those ways that I hope is utilized. It would be a shame if nobody did it, and the space isn’t used. “