Film club generates creativity


By Ryan Kupperman, executive news editor 
School psychologist Dr. Jay Kyp-Johnson’s daughter, Quin Kyp-Johnson, first came to Jay about four years ago with the idea to start a film club at Prospect. According to Jay, Quin was always interested in films and filmmaking but never had the classes or resources at her high school. After going to Columbia college for filmmaking, Quin and Jay decided to start film club, which is now held every Tuesday.
“The basic idea is just love of films and filmmaking,” Jay said. “It is literally about learning about film in every possible way.”
According to Jay, there are about 20 kids involved with the club this year and take part in various film based activities. These include film challenges, such as taking a song lyric and making it dramatic rather than musical, watching films and creating commercials.
Although Jay acknowledges that they do not advertise that much, other Prospect clubs or teams are encouraged to come to film club and work with its members to create their own commercial.
Film club also hosts an event they call “the Proscars,” which is a combination of Prospect’s Oscars. At the Proscars, everyone is encouraged to dress up, walk a red carpet, eat and talk about their greatest achievements during that year of film club.
Sophomore Cole Lebrecht got into film club because he wants to go into filmmaking after high school and enjoys the process of deciding and creating their own videos.
Lebrecht recalls the various commercials and music videos he worked on as a freshman, which include many hallway safety videos as well as a Hamilton music video. However, he is especially fond of the Proscars.
“It’s [the Proscars] a great time to celebrate what we have all done together,” Lebrecht said.