Brown bags give vision to after school activities


By Elizabeth Keane, staff writer
After a seemingly endless eight-hour day of high school, students who have additional activities find themselves hungry. If a student forgets to pack their own snack or want something that is certain to be healthy and filling, they can order one through the newly-created Brown Bag Project.
“Nutrition is important for everybody to maximize performance and fuel students.” special education teacher Tim Wolowiec, the creator of the BBP, said.
These brown bags contain a combination of a sandwich, carrots or pretzels, an apple or orange, a hardboiled egg, string cheese and a bottle of water. Each bag is customizable through an easily-accessible google form.
There are two ways to locate the form — by scanning the QR code from flyers found in the hallways or logging onto the Prospect High School website and clicking on the student tab.
Bags are sold at a flat rate of $5, which must be paid for using money in a student’s account. To ensure that there is money in an account, a student can either bring cash or a check to the cafeteria staff or use
Once these factors are set, the only thing left to do is build the bag. Orders are accepted until noon and ready by 3:10 p.m. to 3:25 p.m. in the staff cafeteria the same day.
In April, six teachers and 15 students attended the “Life of an Athlete” conference, which heavily inspired the new “Life of a Knight” at Prospect.
John Underwood is the founder of LOA  and has trained or advised more than two dozen Olympic athletes and champions. He is an internationally recognized human performance expert who focuses on mental and physical lifestyle performance.
Underwood also spoke to the coaches of PHS to implement these ideas into the minds of athletes, and the BBP has been created to enforce this schoolwide for the first time.
“The Brown Bag Project is just the beginning of Life of a Knight,” Assistant Principal Frank Mirandola said. “I think students need to understand that drugs and alcohol lessen their potential in sports and activities, and that proper diet and nutrition makes a huge difference.”