Thor: Ragnarok creates colorful, unique experience


By Cassidy Delahunty, editor-in-chief 
I went into Thor: Ragnarok with a very optimistic expectation. All of the previews had given the impression that this new Thor movie would be different from the superhero movies that are so common lately: gritty dramas with no comedic relief and the color saturation turned down to zero. Ragnarok did not disappoint.
Opening with Thor attempting some casual banter with a villain that is very clearly not in the mood for jokes, Thor: Ragnarok was a bright, colorful, hilarious movie that perfectly combined the drama and action that makes superhero movies so exciting with the lighthearted comedy that makes action movies more than just a constant barrage of explosions.
Beyond just the exterior of the film, the plot itself was refreshing and unique. Now, of course, this is a superhero movie, so there are some basic structures that have to be adhered to. Thor attempts to take down our main antagonist, fails, gets caught in a situation that slows him down but eventually makes him better, and then ultimately takes down the villain. However, despite this cookie cutter structure, Ragnarok created suspense and intrigue. Sure, we knew Thor and company would come out on top eventually, but the twists and turns in Ragnarok made me wonder if they really would. Sure, Thor would win, but at what cost?
And, of course, we can’t forget about Loki. The last time we saw the god of mischief in a Marvel movie was Thor: The Dark World all the way back in 2013, and his return is more than welcome. The chaos, banter, and drama Thor and Loki’s odd brotherly relationship brings to Ragnarok brings the movie from good to great.
Ultimately, Thor: Ragnarok was everything I hope future Marvel movies will be. It was balanced, suspenseful, and developed, and the new characters it introduced felt just as real as the old ones we know so well. Plus, it was downright hilarious.
I only hope future Marvel movies follow the trend of making the colors on the screen distinguishable from one another.