Choir concert proves positive impact


By Megan Sulak, staff writer
On November first, Prospect High School held their first choir concert of the season. 140 students from the four choirs participated in the concert, performing two songs each, two of the eight being “Did My Lord Deliver Daniel?” and “Nyon Nyon.”
One student who performed is sophomore Gerard Pena, who is a baritone in choir. Pena had a positive experience about the concert.
“[Choir] is really fun,” Pena said. “Singing is just fun in general. [I enjoy] singing with the people I like.”
As well as Pena, junior Caroline Sandberg, who is a soprano, enjoyed performing on stage, as well as singing her favorite piece from the concert, “Did My Lord Deliver Daniel?”
While deciding which songs to add to the concert, Choir teacher Jennifer Troiano tries to pick out songs for all of her classes based on vocal parts and talent from each class, along with finding good and exciting songs for her students.
 “I try and find fun songs that the students are going to like,” Troiano said.
While Sandberg and Pena shared their enthusiasm for the concert, they both said that the hardest song to learn was “Nyon Nyon,” which consists of pure gibberish and noises.
“I think “Nyon Nyon” was harder because it wasn’t any actual words,” Sandberg said. “So you just had to get used to saying nonsense.”