Roundtable and guitar club host open-mic night


By Grace Givan, executive entertainment editor 
Roundtable and Guitar club had an open-mic in the KLC on Monday Nov. 27 in the KLC. This was the third open-mic, with the first one being a year ago. According to Roundtable sponsor Michael Andrews, these open-mics are a way to showcase student originality and talent.
“It’s such a cool opportunity to come and see these these really mind-blowing talents that people have that you might not even know,” Senior Emily Lasky, an attendee to the event, said. “Like you might have a class with somebody and you might not know that they can sing like that. Or you have no idea that they play the guitar.
Despite the fact that Andrews says this is more about displaying student, he performed an original song on the Ukulele.
“I’ve always been writing songs and making music is something I’ve done since I was 14 years old,” Andrews said. “So I’m always happy to play if [people] want me to play.”
Lasky enjoys going to these because the people act like themselves and it is easy to get to know one another.
“It’s a way to interact with the student body in a way that you don’t really get to at any other event. It’s just a really cool thing to come and support because people are putting themselves out there and showing their talents and things that they are proud of.”