Feminism club discusses gender roles


By Jenna Koch, entertainment editor 
Feminism club met Nov. 14 to discuss gender roles. Some topics they covered included general ideas such as where gender roles came from and how they affect our society, but also got as specific to talk about the recent inclusion of girls in boy scouts and the two party government system.  
“I think if you want any type of progress, you have to continue asking questions about people’s roles in society,” Feminism Club sponsor Elizabeth Joiner said.
Joiner believes discussions such as this one are meant to allow students a space to explore different issues regarding feminism. Junior Violet Sardin thinks it’s a good way to see other people’s opinions and is a way for students to be active with their opinions.
“If these problems are ignored, well, nothing is going to happen,” Sardin said.
Joiner thinks it’s important for teenagers especially to be involved in feminism because they are the next generation of adults. Junior Mitchell Rutledge agrees.
“It’s our duty to change the things we don’t like about the world we’re living in,” Rutledge said. “If we want to make a change, we need to start now.”
Feminism Club does events such as discussions and documentary screenings to try to raise awareness about feminism, but they also do many fundraisers to help women’s organizations.
For the past two years they’ve worked with Women in Need Growing Stronger (WINGS) to raise money and donate supplies to the organization. Recently, they raised money for Days for Girls, an organization that gives sanitary products to girls who can’t afford them.
This year, Feminism Club is planning to do documentary screenings, supplies drives for WINGS and more discussions and panels.
“I think students just want to talk about things and explore issues… I think it’s just a safe place for them to just explore and talk and learn,” Joiner said.