Students take field trip to courthouse


By Megan Sulakstaff writer 
When Career Advisor Janine Freedlund started her career at Prospect five years ago, she took charge of some events from the CCC (College and Career Center). One event is a trip to the Rolling Meadows Courthouse, which took place on Feb. 14.
This specific event has been happening for roughly 10 years prior to Freedlund. Nineteen students attended the Law Day career trek and attended court proceedings, learned about the different career paths in law, the way a trial would be performed and even got to participate in a discussion with the judges and other court members present at the courthouse.
Each student who attended this field trip was a part of the Law and Public Safety Corrections and Security career cluster or other students who showed interest in this particular career path. The CCC plans events throughout the year to help students find their passion for the future through their Career Advising Program.
This program plans new, exciting career activities and field trips open to all students. If you happen to be interested in any specific career path, stop by the CCC or email Freedlund for more information.