New division head chosen


By Mandi Hallcopy editor 
Psychology teacher Christina Athanasopoulos from Hersey was chosen to replace Social Studies division head Gary Judson at Prospect for the 2018-19 school year.  Due to Judson’s retirement this year, a replacement needed to be found, and the District 214 School Board announced Athanasopoulos as his replacement at a school board meeting on Thurs. Feb. 8
According to superintendent Dave Schuler, the school board did not want to bring someone completely new to the district for Judson’s replacement.
“Mr. Judson’s been there for so long and done such a good job,” Schuler said.  “And we have such good teachers at Prospect, I don’t think we necessarily need a dramatic change.”
According to Schuler, Athanasopoulos was chosen because she is a great teacher already and also has great leadership skills.  She has been a teacher leader for the past few years working with other teachers at the AP level as well as her division.
“She’s already done a lot of that teacher leader work so that’s the stepping stone to that division head,” Schuler said.
Schuler says that the main thing that the school board was looking for in a new division head was someone who would be supportive of teachers and understanding of students.  According to him, Athanasopoulos fits that profile.
“I think she’s just going to be a really great fit with her personality along with her leadership,” Schuler said. “It’s going to be that perfect niche with the staff of Prospect.”