Prospect gives back pursues three years of service: The set up


By Abby Mckenna, Staff Writer
Prospect Gives Back coverage is split into two parts, the setup and the event. To read about the event, click here.
Over 400 students on a Saturday morning at 8 A.M, at Prospect High School, to do service. Staff Students gave up their entire morning to late afternoon, to help out the people of Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights.
Frank Mirandola, one of the organizers of this entire event, looked like he was completely hyped up on too much coffee to be that excited on a Saturday morning. In reality, he just absolutely loved seeing the energy of one fourth of the entire high school come out and support an important event. He mention that it was the “highlight” of that day for him.
Vicki Poulos, the school bookkeeper and student activities another one of the organizers, this is the 3rd annual and growing.The first time Prospect Gives Back was put on, our school was nowhere near we are now.
Mirandola said, “the potential of what this school can do, is limitless.”
One person who the community really has to thank for putting this all together is Poulos. On Saturday morning she was running around everywhere to make sure everything was going smoothly and everybody got to the 23 places they needed to be on time.
Poulos said, “the most hectic part of this entire thing is the morning of, there’s chaos everywhere.”
Everyone looks like their chickens running around with their heads cut off but through all the chaos and hecticness they got the job done. A lot of hours were put into this event and everything seemed to pay off. The organizers worked long nights and early morning to complete this event.
The students and staff there was wondering in the big scheme of this, what is this going to do? What this school puts together “isn’t just service, but a tradition” said Mirandola. The school gets not only the joy of doing service, but meeting new people and talking with them. With everything going on in today’s society, people really need each other.
“Everyone that participated in Prospect Gives Back realized that they are genuinely apart of something bigger,” Mirandola.