Prospect gives back pursues three years of service: The event


By Alyssa Schulz, Staff Writer
Prospect Gives Back coverage is split into two parts, the setup and the event. To read about the setup, click here.
Mary Lou Oswalt sat in the back of the room in the Lutheran home, eagerly listening to the Prospect orchestra play. It was the day of Prospect Gives Back, and over 400 students had taken time out of their Saturday morning to give back to the community. Some of those students played for the residents at the Lutheran Home.
Oswalt said that she was very impressed by the Prospect students, and said that it is wonderful that the younger generation is willing to come visit the elderly.
“I think [the younger generation] can learn a lot from older people,” Oswalt said. “Especially if they ask questions.”
Oswalt isn’t the only one who sees the benefits of Prospect Gives Back, as Prospect students and faculty took part in 23 projects in the community this year.
“We really kind of need each other,” Assistant Principal Frank Mirandola said. “By Prospect serving the community, the community will in turn help Prospect High School.”
Mirandola says that Prospect Gives Back helps the community see what Prospect is all about and how it operates.
Parent Emily Velisaris can attest to this, as the reason she bought a house in Mt. Prospect was so her son could go to Prospect High school. Her son took part in the free basketball clinic run by Prospect basketball players during Prospect Gives back.
Velisaris said that she thinks what Prospect students and staff do during Prospect Gives Back is amazing and that it “touches her heart”.
“It’s what the world needs more of,” Velisaris said.

 Video by Kate Hyland, Online Editor-in-Chief