Mt. Prospect tries new method to get voters


By Alyssa Schulz, Staff Writer
One man. That’s all it took to start a movement that has been spreading across the nation ever since July.
It started in Minnesota with a man named Bryce Tash who was disgusted with the current state of politics. He made one sign, went to a corner, and started standing there. Before long, people started joining him.
The movement has spread all the way to Mount Prospect where people stand on the corner of Northwest Highway and Main Street each night.
Erika Burch started the Mount Prospect branch last August and has been standing on the corner almost every night from 7:30 to 8:30, waving signs to try to get people to vote.
“It doesn’t matter if you vote red, it doesn’t matter if you vote blue, really the whole thing is that I really want to see young people vote,” Burch said.
Burch has spread the news mainly through social media, which is how Carole Delahunty heard about the Stand on Every Corner movement.
Much like Burch, Delahunty is on the corner almost every night. She says that she loves being out there and just “getting people to pay attention”.
Delahunty says that she thinks that the current political climate is “not normal” and that she wonders why everyone isn’t taking to the streets to protest.
However, many people have in fact joined the movement. The number of people averages from  8-15 people most nights, though they once had over 70 people.
Burch says that the support from the community has been “overwhelming”, though a few responses have been negative.
“Some comments that people yell out the window are just flat out offensive,” Burch says. “Even if  you’re just holding a vote sign, you get people that come by and scream some really bad things out the window.”
However, Burch says that these comments put a little more “kick in her step” and get her to keep moving.
Though this is the first year that Mount Prospect is part of the Stand on Every Corner movement, Burch says that they will possibly do this again next year, and definitely in 2020 for the presidential election.
During these past few months, Burch has enjoyed the feeling of doing something. She says that it is so much better than staying at home and talking about what she could be doing.
“Instead of sitting on the couch we’re standing on the corner,” Burch said.