senior aims to help environment by selling 'eco kits'


By Kate Hyland, Online Editor-in-Chief
Senior Danny Weiler has started selling ‘eco kits’, or packs full of small items that are environmentally friendly, to Prospect students as a way to help save the environment.
“It’s just been…me thinking about what I can do to help and I just finally acted on that,” Weiler said.
The kits cost 20 dollars and consist of a glass water bottle, a sleeve for the water bottle, stainless steel straws, a bamboo toothbrush, a brush, a ballpoint pen made out of recycled water bottles and a reusable bag. Weiler has researched and hand picked every item based on their price and sustainability, as well as assembles the kits himself. Along with that, he provides a letter about why he is passionate about the environment and 10 easy tips on how to further help the environment.
Even though he only advertised through his instagram story and by word of mouth, he has had around 48 customers so far. Senior Kristina Hammerstrom was not only of those customers, but also helped Weiler develop the kit idea.
“I like it, it’s actually really useful,” Hammerstrom said.
Everything that he buys online comes out of his own pocket and 50 percent of the profits go to the environmental defense fund, while the  50 percent goes toward his college fund.
“Whenever the interest is gone I’ll stop, but as long as people want them I’ll keep putting them together,” Weiler said.
Some items in the packs: