Poinsettia fundraiser fuels orchesis


By Adrianna Briscoe, Staff Writer
For the first time at Prospect High School, Orchesis is having a poinsettia fundraiser. With the holidays right around the corner, Orchesis director Melanie Monnich thought it would be a great idea since poinsettias are very popular during the Christmas season.
“I think it’s a smart idea and a good way to invest in [the holidays],” said freshman Kate Wagner, an Orchesis member.
The fundraiser started on October 16, and order forms and payment are due by November 16. The order forms can be found in the mail room, and should be returned to an Orchesis member or Monnich’s mailbox.
The poinsettia pots are available in a variety of colors and sizes. A seven inch poinsettia pot costs $19.00, an eight inch pot costs $26.00, and a nine inch pot costs $40.00.
The poinsettia pots can be picked up on December 4 in the community room from 3:00-6:00 pm.
The money raised will benefit Orchesis members and their families when it comes time to purchase costumes for the Orchesis show in February.
“In order to put less stress on the families, we do fundraisers,” said Monnich. “This fundraiser goes directly towards a student’s costume bill (about $500 per student), and it’s really helpful.”