Scrubs club hosts first guest speaker


By Angelina Jasinski, Entertainment Editor
This past Wednesday Scrubs Club had their first speaker, Dr. Hannah Graham, a Family Physician, come to Prospect and give insight on what it’s like to be in the medical field and other information as well. As one of the executive members of Scrubs Club, junior Zoe Meier explains, it was especially helpful to students who are thinking of going into the medical field.
        With approximately 30 students attending, Meier mentioned that many of the students were able to ask very good questions that Graham was able to give lots of information to.
      Meier explains that some students aren’t quite sure yet what they would like to be when they grow up, and having a medical professional be able to come in and answer questions was very helpful to many students.
       “I thought it was amazing,” Meier said. “She had a lot of good things for us to know just about the medical field and if any of us were thinking about becoming physicians.”
       Meier also mentions that she and other members of the club are trying to find another person in the medical field to come in and talk next month. They are also planning on having someone come in each month to talk to students.
     Meier also explains that that any student can attend, especially if they are interested in going into the medical field. Each time that there will be speaker coming in to talk, there will be an announcement on the announcements for those who aren’t a part of Scrubs Club and would like to attend.
       “It’s really helpful to have someone come in who has had that experience and is actually in that field and be able to talk to them and ask them questions,” Meier said.