Course selection Q and A with Assistant Principal Kara Kendrick


By Jenna Koch, Executive Entertainment Editor
Associate Principal Kara Kendrick

Q: How does administration choose which classes are offered?
A: Some of it is done at the district level, some of it is done in house. A lot of it is related to student interest.
Q: How does administration choose what classes to get rid of?
A: An English class that’s equivalent to a duel course doesn’t make sense to run because they’re very similar. Division heads will make a determination on which classes don’t make sense to run or are too similar to each other, that kind of thing.
Q: Are there any new course requirements students should be aware of?
A: No.
Q: Are some science classes being cut down to 1.5 periods?
A: No, they’ll be the same that they are, for sure.
Q: How does the career readiness program play into classes that are offered here?
A: The career readiness piece is super important as a district, because we want to be providing classes for students that are relevant to them long term, not just what they need as a graduation requirement. So, as you move closer to your senior year there’s obviously a lot more room for electives, so we like to support students in taking courses that follow their passion or their interests.