Folds of honor fundraiser q and a


To raise money for Folds of Honor, Prospect is holding a fundraiser where teachers get pied in the face. Each teacher participating has a partner, and the partner who has more money in their jar gets to pie the partner with less money in their jar.
Q and A with Christie Sylvester, Head Librarian

What is the incentive to donate that you are providing?
Although KLC is filled with students throughout the day, they don’t necessarily know me or Mrs. McLaughlin as well as their classroom teachers.  I thought by selling Hersey chocolate bars, it would tempt them to purchase one and donate the money to a great cause.   At the start of the week during lunch hours, I also announced to students in the KLC they could eat at the tables for fifty cents, but they had to pay every day.   
Why did you choose this particular incentive? 
Students are always interested in candy and non-tutors can not eat in the KLC.  I thought this incentive would get everyone’s attention and temp them to donate money to our jars.  I also tell students I don’t care which jar they select when donating money.  
What is your goal amount to donate?
I would be happy if Mrs. McLaughlin and I can each raise $25.00
Where is your donate jar?
The donations jars are located in the KLC, next to our wood book drop.