1 Day School-Week? Snow Bueno!


By Ayse Eldes, Editor-in-Chief
The district’s weather cancellation voicemail was playing on loud speaker as senior Kathleen Gault walked into her seventh period World Religions class on Tuesday. She automatically knew this meant at least another day off from school. Prospect students had just returned from a snow day on Monday only to be granted the rest of the week off due to extreme weather.
“Pointing at the sky, I said, ‘You and me buddy,’” Gault said.
District 214 students attended class this week only on Tuesday, Jan. 29. While Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were cancelled due to snow and extremely low temperatures; Friday was a pre-scheduled non-attendance day for parent-teacher conferences.
Although it was cause for celebration for students, the Chicagoland area reached deadly temperatures this week. On Wednesday, NBC 5 Chicago reported around 20 to 30 degrees below zero. Windchill values going into Thursday reached minus 45 and minus 55.
Gault felt the “mini-break” was a blessing in disguise. Sandwiched between two hectic weeks for her, the time off felt like a brain break.
“I immediately became nocturnal,” Gault said.
Sophomore Claudia Madsen’s reaction, however, was not as surprised on Tuesday. She completely expected to have the rest of the week off. For her, this was a blessing in disguise. Madsen, who was sick the prior week, used this time to catch up on absent work.
“I think it’s just nice to get a couple days off school with no stress,” Madsen said.