“Hoopsapalooza” succeeds at prospect


By Elizabeth Keane, Features Editor
Despite the similar sounding names, Hoopscoming differs immensely from the traditional homecoming dance that occurs each fall. This year’s second annual Hoopscoming was a “Hoopsapalooza” theme complete with a dance in gyms one and two and an ice-skating rink following Friday’s basketball game on January 25th.
Italian teacher Lyn Scolaro facilitated the seven groups that collaborated to plan the week: student council, the four class boards, the U and Life of a Knight. Senior Gianna Russo played an important role as one of the U leaders.
“It’s a great chance to be with all my friends one more time before our last prom because we don’t have a winter formal or turnabout dance,” Russo said.
Last year, there was a Disco Inferno 80s theme that was difficult to dress for to the basketball game according to Russo. In order to make the theme more convenient for students, Russo came up with the idea to wear jerseys, a common outfit choice for people attending Lollapalooza.
“There was a lot more build up to [Hoopscoming] this year [than last year] with Folds of Honor,” Russo said. “The fundraiser really jump-started the week and got everyone excited for Friday.”
Scolaro estimates that about 600 students were in attendance last year, and even more attended this year according to Russo. Russo partially credits this to the recent increased amount of underclassmen in the U.
This year was Russo’s first year being a part of this club because she had always thought it to be a “seniors-only” activity. The U sponsor this year encouraged seniors to invite freshmen and sophomores to participate in the event planning.
“It’s nice to see different ages in [the meetings] because [Hoopscoming] is a school-wide event, not just a senior class event,” Russo said. “Being a part of the U means that you lead, even when it’s not expected.”