music program plans trip to italy


By Jenna Koch, Execitive Entertainment Editor
In spring 2020, Prospect music program will be taking a trip to Italy. It will be their first international trip since they went to London in 2008. Orchestra director Peter Weber has been planning this trip for almost a year, and recently announced that they chose Italy as their destination.
“Really in all of Europe you could throw a dart at the map and be able to surround yourself with great artistic evolutions… but Italy is really a great artistic hub for music, art, and sculpture, and all of that,” Weber said.
While the details of the trip aren’t set in stone, Weber is planning for students to visit three or four big cities where they’ll perform along with sightseeing. He’s also arranging an exchange performance with a high school in Italy.
However, he’s not planning this alone. Wheeling’s orchestra director and Weber decided to open up the trip to Wheeling’s music program as well. This would make sure that the cost wouldn’t be too high for the music program, plus more students would have access to this opportunity.
“She wanted to travel, I wanted to travel, the timing worked out well for both programs, so we decided to put something together,” Weber said. “…And since it was such a great opportunity, we thought, ‘why don’t we open this up to any musical student.’”
While the details are still being worked out, Weber is excited to offer students this amazing experience.
“[Italy] would be a great place to have our students immerse themselves and perform and experience the culture,” Weber said.