Prospect grad visits to talk youtube success


By Brendan Burke, Staff Writer
Prospect High School alum Keaton Keller visited the second period App Development class on Monday, March 11 to talk about his immense success on YouTube and to inspire the many aspiring creators.
Keller graduated from Prospect in 2015 and he has been widely known across the internet since then because of his YouTube channel. Keller created his channel, TechSmartt, in December 2010 and it has now reached 3.3 million subscribers and over 555 million views in total.
Keller’s presentation consisted of the story of how he came to fame followed by a 15 minute Q&A. Many students asked him about his time management and the many perks he has from being a YouTuber.
Keller was quick to respond by saying that many of his videos take days and sometimes weeks to create because of all the steps involved in filming, editing and posting. Keller started to notice his channel takeoff during his sophomore year of high school when he was just 16 years old, and he has enjoyed every second of his YouTube career since then.
Keller came to Prospect this week hoping to share his story with students in order to motivate them to pursue any career they want. Keller loves to influence people and he thinks that his story can inspire anyone to be the best they can be.
“I’m living proof that if you chase your dreams and work hard enough at anything, it will happen.” Keller said. “With the opportunities through digitalization, there are alternate ways to be successful and not go to college, I mean, I did it.”
Read more about Keaton Keller’s YouTube success in Issue #7 of The Prospector which will be coming out April 12, 2018.