Propsect Journalism Wins Sectionals


By Abby Mckenna, Photo Editor
On a Saturday, most teenagers are sleeping in or at work. Some stay up late playing video games and eating but not the Prospect Journalism and Yearbook students. On Saturday April 13th, Prospect High School competed in the IHSA sectionals and took home first place.
Overall, Prospect got a total of 66 points beating second place by 18 points. The individual results were: Mara Nicolaie taking third place in Advertising, Connor Graver taking second in Broadcast News, Ayse Eldes taking second in Copy Editing, Mara Nicolaie taking fifth in Editorial Cartooning, Ayse Eldes taking first in Feature Writing, Ryan Kupperman taking fourth in Headline Writing, Grace Baldino taking second in Infographics, Amanda Stickels taking fourth in News Writing, Blanca Estrada taking third in Newspaper Design, Maddie Dorsch taking first in Photo Story Telling, Danny Ryerson taking first in Review Writing, Wyatt Dojutrek taking first in Sports Writing, Grace Bailie, Kate Hyland and Manisha Panthee taking third in Video News, Zoe Smutko taking sixth in Yearbook Copy Writing, and Kristina Hammerstrom and Madeline McTigue taking first in Yearbook Theme Development.
Jason Block, Prospector advisor said, “We have very talented students, we have very passionate and dedicated students, but you never know when you’re put in an environment like that; timed with no body to calibrate with and the pressure of knowing you’re being judged.”
Going into the competition Connor Graver and Wyatt Dojutrek, both seniors on the prospector staff, were not confident at all. Dojutrek stated that he went in with low expectations because then there are no upsets, you either win or lose. Congratulations to the Prospector Staff and Yearbook Staff, all of your hard work has paid off!