Avengers: Endgame Gives Everything Fans Wanted and More


By Tommy Carrico, Executive Entertainment Editor
Three hours of laughter, applause, and so many tears. Endgame brought all the closure fans needed to the past decade’s worth of cinematic excellence while also remaining completely unpredictable. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo deserve all the praise they’ve received for this movie, as does the cast with Robert Downey Jr. in particular.
However, those who are already familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t need to be told to see this movie; they know how crucial this movie is already. The story told in Endgame is one that anyone and everyone should experience, but going in blind to such a cumulative (and, at times, admittedly overstuffed) film may cause great confusion among general audiences. If the time is available for interested newcomers, watching all twenty-one of Endgame’s preceding movies is well worth it. If not, YouTube summaries may contextualize it just enough. Either way, this monumental film is one that no one should pass up on.
As mentioned previously, the plot had an excellent balance between keeping the audience guessing and satisfying fans with moments we’ve only dreamed of. The way I left the theater shocked yet resolved wasunlike any movie experience I’ve ever had.
Also great (as expected, with such a star-studded cast) was the acting. While legends like Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Robert Downey Jr. rarely disappoint, it’s still worth mentioning that this elite cast has once again given inexplicable depth and reality to our favorite characters.
One uncommonly discussed aspect of the movie that I found remarkable were the detailed settings. This movie would be just about as appreciated as it is if less attention was given to the locations and scenery; fans are here for the action and characters. Nevertheless, Marvel went the extra mile to create beautiful, intricate sets that made the film just that much more of a memorable experience.
While Endgame comes quite close, no movie is perfect. The beginning can be fast-paced and difficult to digest, and the final fight scene becomes a bit CGI-heavy. Additionally, the movie relies on one or two deus ex machinas in its earlier stages, and it came across a little lazy to me.
Regardless, Endgame delivers an unforgettable conclusion unlike any other that will bring great happiness and sadness alike. Long-term fans have no excuse not to see it, and the newer fans should definitely catch up in order to fully appreciate this rare masterpiece.