Controversial Videos Spark Fallout Between YouTubers


By Grace Baldino, Online Editor
A few weeks ago, beauty YouTuber and personality Tati Westbrook posted a video “exposing” fellow beauty YouTuber James Charles.
The two influencers met when Charles was still a relatively unknown makeup artist. Westbrook helped him to land a coveted CoverGirl ambassadorship, and the friendship grew from there, to the point where Charles did her makeup on her wedding day.
Westbrook was one of Charles’s biggest supporters, often, according to her video titled “Bye Sister”, helping the beauty guru negotiate better contracts, assisting him in landing brand deals, and promoting him on her channel regularly.
But “Bye Sister” did not only implode their working relationship, but Charles’s fanbase. Since the video’s release, Charles’s YouTube channel has almost lost three million subscribers, while Tati’s has gained double, as of May 19th.
Many social media posters claim that the beginning of the end for the friendship was back in April when Charles posted sponsored Instagram stories promoting the vitamin company Sugar Bear Hair. Tati – the owner of her own vitamin company Halo Beauty– went to Instagram saying she felt “hurt” and “betrayed”.
Charles then posted a video to YouTube, titled “tati”, saying he only did it because the company had helped him at Coachella with security when the crowd had become “dangerous”.
Then, Westbrook shocked the followers of any beauty influencer on May 9 “Bye Sister”. In the video, Westbrook claimed that Charles was a predator, a liar, and took advantage of her and her husband’s connections in Hollywood for his own personal gain.
In the backlash of the video, men have come out with screenshots of direct messages and texts from the YouTuber that would suggest that his intentions were anything but innocent. Charles had also made many jokes in the past about chasing after straight men, adding fuel to the fire, sparking many claims of sexual harassment against Charles.
Westbrook cited her birthday dinner, back in February, when Charles had flirted with one of their waiters and then, allegedly, trapped him in his hotel room in order to force himself upon the waiter. Since then, both the waiter and Charles posted YouTube videos to their channel saying that nothing more had happened than cuddling and a kiss, all of which had been consensual on the waiter, Sam’s part.
However, these potentially career ruining allegations were all addressed by Charles in his video titled “No More Lies”.
At first, Charles said he won’t post the receipts, or screenshots of conversations, but then, in “No More Lies” he did just that. The 40 minute video covered almost every claim Westbrook had made in her now taken down, “Bye Sister” video.
For the last three weeks, there have been many toxic debates between the gurus’ followings as well as many “drama” channel videos on the matter. Many celebrities have also distanced themself from the name James Charles, such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and, most notably, Jeffree Star.
Star released a video saying what James Charles had done was “disgusting” and that, while he still loved James Charles, he was no longer welcome in Star’s home.
“What sucks the most is that I know I can never say or do anything to earn that trust or friendship back,” Charles said.