Gerber takes over pool front


By Rachel Zurbuch, Executive Features Editor
Varsity Girls Volleyball coach Laura Gerber is taking on another role at Prospect by becoming Prospect’s new Assistant Aquatics Director, managing the pool all class periods while the PE classes swim; the first day of swimming for the 2019-2020 school year was Monday, August 26. Gerber is taking over from Bob Reibel, who now works at Forest View. 
Gerber’s looking forward to be more involved within the district, as she coaches Boys Volleyball at John Hersey High School in addition to coaching at Prospect. 
“I’m really looking forward to getting to know the population of Prospect,” Gerber said. “I only know 56 girls; it’d be nice to know more.” 
Prior in her teaching career, she taught at Fairview Elementary School for eight years. With her new position, she’s excited to work with older students in the high school setting. 
During class, she assists the regular PE teacher, helping students who need more help 
learning the basic strokes and swimming skills. Gerber also manages the student lifeguards. 
She hopes to make swimming a fun experience for students. The goal is to make students feel comfortable in the water and to be proficient swimmers for safety reasons. 
“Take your time,” Gerber said about students uncomfortable to swim. “Get more comfortable in the water. Everyday you could become a stronger swimmer.” 
 PE and CTE Division Head Seth Hettel, who interviewed for the position Gerber along with Associate Principal Frank Mirandola, thought Gerber was a good fit because of her coaching experience and good reports with the other teachers at Prospect.
“Relationships are the key to being in education,” Hettel said, “and obviously she’s has had those relationships with the PE department and students she’s had coaching.” 
Looking for leadership skills and high qualifications in new positions like this one, Hettel believed that Gerber portrayed those traits from what he’s seen so far in her. 
“I’m excited for her to be able to take that step and know more students in a higher capacity and hopefully influence them,” Hettel said.