Exercise Physiology debuts as gym class option


By Genevieve Karutz, Executive Opinion Editor
This year marks the first year that an Exercise Physiology class is available for Prospect students. Teacher Aaron Marnstein believes the class sets a foundation for students who are interested in the health career pathway.
To Marnstein, the importance of Exercise Physiology is that it helps students gain a better understanding of what careers would fit them best.
“It’s about allowing people to discover [a career] out there that they didn’t know was there,” Marnstein said.
Marnstein believes that students who have an interest in health or medicine would be the best fit for this class. The class is geared for freshmen and sophomores who are still early on in exploring their interests.
Exercise Physiology combines a traditional classroom setting with gym. Students spend three days a week in class and spend two days a week doing physical education activities.
During the classroom time, students learn about a variety of subjects from important medical terminology to the history of healthcare.
Freshman Angela Nicolau and her classmates in Exercise Physiology so far have spent most of their time studying health careers.
“I want to go into the health field and for me to get an introduction into it, I wanted to take the class to see what it was like,” Nicolau said.
The health career pathway is the largest in the school.