Knight Voices replaces Principal’s Advisory Committee


Senior Lauren Ellstrand is a member in Prospect's new Knight Voices, formerly Principal's Advisory Committee. Ellstrand is happy with the new discussions taking place.

Senior Lauren Ellstrand (pictured above) is a member in Prospect’s new Knight Voices, formerly Principal’s Advisory Committee. Ellstrand is happy with the new discussions taking place. 
By Rachel Zurbuch, Executive Features Editor
Principal Greg Minter created Knight Voices to replace Principal’s Advisory Committee for the 2019-2020 school year. 
Minter decided to change to Knight Voices to get a better representation of the student body, which was something not very prevalent at Principal’s Advisory Committee. He asked teachers to look out for students they think would be a good fit and invite them to participate in the group. 
The first meeting was Sept. 6 in the community room, and there is going to be about one or two a quarter. At the first meeting which all of the administrators attended, Minter feels that they had a great discussion about topics including Homecoming and open lunches. 
“[The discussion] was pretty free-flowing,” Minter said. “Sometimes I’ll bring questions, but I usually let them talk about everything they want to talk about first … [it] usually takes a life of its own.”  
Senior Lauren Ellstrand thinks that the discussions are beneficial and helpful toward the students. She is the president of Environmental Club and wants to work on the recycling and trash situation at Prospect. She also explains that some of the underclassmen shared some of the bullying culture at Prospect, and it really helped to have the administration there listening. 
“Having [administrators] there from different sections of the school made it seem like something would actually happen,” Ellstrand said. 
Ellstrand likes that the meetings are now more productive in comparison to the old environment of Principal’s Advisory Committee, where she felt like people only came for free pizza.
“[Principal Advisory Committee’s environment] was really chill … ” Ellstrand said. “[Knight Voices] feels like an easy conversation. To some students, having so many board members and executives in the school may be scary, but I think it’s actually a lot easier talking to 10 adults versus just talking to one.” 
The next meeting is going to be in November, and while it was initially by invitation, Minter says that any other students can join.