Progressive Club raises money for National Period Day rally


By Madison Manczko, Opinion Editor
Prospect’s Progressive Club has been selling Dilly Bars in the commons in order to raise money to fund preparations for the National Period Day rally on October 19th.
The rally is part of the “Period.” movement, which was founded in 2014 by two 16-year-old high school girls. The current founder is Nadya Okamoto, who, according to Progressive Club member and Prospect senior Lucy Hermann, noticed that most homeless women can’t afford menstrual products after experiencing homelessness herself.
“Several Prospect students are involved in the planning of the rally,” said Hermann. “We’re supporting them and attending the rally as well.”
The Progressive Club started recently this year, as it was essentially revamped from Feminism Club at the end of last year. According to Hermann, the club wanted to “rebrand” due to the fact that most of its members were seniors leaving Prospect, and it had little to no remaining members. 
The “Period.” movement rally is the first big project the Progressive Club plans to undertake. According to Hermann, the club also wants to raise awarness regarding abusive relationships in high school, and expect to bring in an expert to speak on this topic. Last year they even brought in congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, and plan on inviting her this year as well.     
“We really just want to get people more politically involved,” said Hermann.