New Structure for Prospect assemblies


By Ryan Barich, Executive News Editor
The rumor that’s been widely spread throughout Prospect High School recently is that there will be no more pep assemblies in the 2019-2020 school year.
Assistant Principal and leader of the pep assemblies Frank Mirandola says that this could not be further from the truth.
Prospect is in fact adopting a new structure for pep assemblies; a structure that does not rely on a specific date in the calendar.
“It’s more of a thematic approach than designating an assembly to a season,” Mirandola said. “We want our assemblies to be more organic and not be forced because of the time of the year.”
This change began with the administration wanting to create a more timely and inclusive feel for their school’s assemblies.
In trying to achieve that, they decided to depart from the time locked structure they usually relied on in favor of one that will allow them to have natural conversations on school culture.
It’s a change that has already been implemented in the school’s first two assemblies of the year. “The One Prospect” assembly was simply about celebrating new beginnings at the school while the following homecoming assembly was about celebrating that event.
“As we go through the year, we’ll be looking to host organic assemblies that respect everyone’s time and also allow for natural topics and celebrations,” Mirandola said.
Mirandola hopes this trend continues during this school year, and further hopes that these new assemblies mirror a particular assembly last year where the school brought in guest speaker Mike Smith.
Smith is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who was brought in to speak on the climate of the school itself and proved to be a very compelling speaker.
Mirandola also hopes this new structure of assemblies continues as he feels it bolsters school spirit more than the original way of doing them.
“I think our assemblies are more inclusive and celebrate all of our students and will be about the Prospect culture as a whole and not about force feeding seasonal events,” Mirandola said.
Some portions of the original assemblies will of course remain. Sports and other activities will always be commended on their achievements.
Looking forward to the amount of assemblies though, this new model opens the door to the possibility of both more or less of them.
 “It’s organic, you never know how it’s going to play out,” Mirandola said. “You could see more, you could see less, It all depends on how things play out through the course of the year and what we want to have assemblies on.”