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Prospector Political Publish Week #2: Political discourse loses civility


Brendan Burke, Copy Editor
For week #2 of Prospector Political Publish, I will be discussing how the American government needs to end the uncivil political discourse within this country. Political discourse is defined as the formal exchange of reasoned views that provide alternative methods to solve an issue.
In recent months, our government has been unable to address major issues such as climate change, gun violence prevention and health care because of the dangerous divide between bipartisan congressmen and women. With this phenomenon of increasingly polarized political discourse becoming so prevalent, how are our elected officials supposed to successfully do their jobs?
In the American lexicon, these bipartisan officials are described as being stuck within “bubbles” and “echo chambers” because of their inability to hear two sides of an argument and come to a decision. The term “echo chambers” is used to describe this issue because solutions to problems presented are constantly echoed and repeated within a closed system.
If lawmakers decide to remain in echo chambers when it comes to the American democracy, the well-being of American citizens is going to remain in jeopardy. When it comes to gun violence prevention, our lawmakers have been stuck at a standstill to properly address the issue due to them remaining within echo chambers. Democrats have been presenting legislation regarding increased universal background checks in order to solve this crisis, but they have been unable to get anywhere with these plans due to the ongoing filibuster.
It is time for this uncivil political discourse to cease within our country because of the damaging impact it is having on our government. The world is getting warmer, more and more people are killed each day due to a firearm and 27.5 million Americans do not have health care. It is time for our government to solve the problems that they were elected to fix and destroy the constant bipartisan conflict. As Americans, we deserve a government that addresses the problems within this country rather than avoiding them. 
With all of that being said, stay tuned for Prospector Political Publish next week where we will be allowing readers to get involved in our blog by participating in a civil debate about the Trump impeachment inquiry. Genuine and respectful political discourse is still a plausible goal for this country, so let us address this issue in a professional manner. Along with the debate forum, readers will get to see my column about the inquiry. We look forward to allowing all voices to be heard through this new format.

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