Green team coat drive collecting donations


Olivia Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Environmental club is running a coat drive from November 20 to 26 to gather coats, boots, scarves, and more winter accessories to donate to the PADS homeless shelters. The second period class that makes the most donations will win donuts.

According to environmental club sponsor Michael Higdon, he sees the outcome of this to have two sides. 

The first outcome that he hopes to achieve is to help those that are “less fortunate” through these donations. 

“Just [donating something] little will totally change someone’s day … or life,” Higdon said. 

Sophomore environmental club member Bella Kowalczyk frequently volunteers in her free time and feels that the most rewarding outcome of donating time or goods is to see the impact that it makes on people’s lives.

“It makes me feel good [to donate], and [the positivity] from doing that just radiates to others,” Kowalczyk said. 

Kowalczyk recalled doing community service as a girl scout and being able to see the joy on people’s faces after knowing that they were making a difference.

“It made me feel proud to be a part of that,” Kowalczyk said. “It was emotional in a good way.”

The second payoff of the coat drive is that donating used things fits under environmental club’s mantra: “reduce, reuse, recycle.” 

Both of these goals of the coat drive are what pushed the club to run it before this holiday season this year. Higdon feels that even through little actions, these goals can be reached and make a difference.

“As soon as one person starts thinking that what they’re doing can’t make a difference, that’s when everything starts crumbling,” Higdon said. “We need every single person to think that [they] can make a difference and that others will also.”