Early Bird Video Series


Our Broadcast Journalism students had to find a story that connected to the early morning activities at Prospect. Here is a collection of their best pieces, which can also be found at our Vimeo page.

Kate and Jalyn look at how Mr. Poisson creates an energetic environment for his first period graphic arts students. From his blaring music to his laid-back teaching style, students love to start their day in Mr. Poisson’s class.
Joyce and Juliana sit down with the cafeteria staff and look at student’s favorite morning options in the cafeteria and why they love the work they do.
Prospect’s School Resource Officer, Officer Schaps, talks about how her career led her to Prospect with Sedex, Nolan and Jacob.
Security Guard Mr. Cleveland talks about both his morning routine to prepare for his job at Prospect and the relationship he builds with the students at Prospect.
The library staff discuss the importance of the KLC with Bec, Nate and Michael. They see the morning as an important time to open the doors of the KLC and its resources to students.