Knightgames back intact

The Class of '10 will be looking for a Knightgames title Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

By Karolina Chwala
Executive News Editor
It’s no Chicago 2016 Olympics, but each year students, parents, and staff members congregate together to compete in the annual Knightgames during Homecoming week.
This year Knightgames will be held on Wed., Oct. 7, in the fieldhouse at 7 pm. Competing participants are expected to be in the wrestling room by 6:30 pm, and each athlete will be wearing a wristband to set them apart from the spectators.
The rules for the night haven’t changed from previous years; there is still no face paint allowed and spectators are not allowed onto the court. According to Scolaro, there will be an area separate from the spectators just for the competing athletes.
“Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment [during Knightgames]. Students aren’t allowed to come down into the court during the events, just like you don’t see fans going onto the field at Wrigley Field during a baseball game; the only ones out there are the athletes, “ Scolaro said. “Same goes for any basketball game. The only ones on the court are the players. We just want to reinforce the same idea [for Knightgames].”
There will be five events this year at homecoming: the three-legged race, tug-of-war, the obstacle course race, musical chairs, and the mummy wrap.  According to senior and Student Council member Rocio Valladares, her favorite event is the obstacle course.
“It’s very funny to see the competitors stick their face into the whipped cream. It’s not something you see everyday,” Valladares said.
Junior Sarah Forssander agrees, and thinks the obstacle course is the best event because there are a variety of different activities combined into one game. And of course, seeing people smashing their faces into whipped cream is another beloved part of Knightgames according to Forssander.

Dom Scardina gave it his best shot in musical chairs at Knightgames 2008.
Dom Scardina gave it his best shot in musical chairs at Knightgames 2008.

Forssander also thinks that the game of tug-of-war is very popular because “viewers always get very into it and are cheering on the top of their lungs.”
English teacher Cambria Shad, who is a member of the staff team for Knightgames, also feels the popularity of the tug-of-war game is the biggest.
“Hands down, tug-of-war is the best because it determines the entire outcome,” Shad said.
Staff members have been the winners of the Knightgames for three consecutive years now. Valladares hopes that the seniors take the win this year.
“I’m a senior, so I’m rooting for the senior team, but then again the teachers have won so many times. Let’s change that this year,” Valladares said.
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