Homecoming king and queen crowned

Photo by Mika Evans
Photo by Mika Evans

By Sharon Lee
Executive Features Editor
The much-anticipated results the Homecoming King and Queen vote were finally announced at the Coronation Assembly today.  The winners were seniors Afolabi George and Maria Dolomas.
“I’m thankful,” George said.  “[Winning] was like a fantasy to me.”

Dolomas said as she walked down to the stage as a nominee, she was nervous, but also excited.
“I wasn’t really thinking about who would win,” she said.  “But I was happy when they said my name.  It’s something I’m going to remember, being Homecoming Queen my senior year.”
According to senior nominee Emily Boldt, “everybody in the school has their place, and [Coronation] was really fun because it was really anybody’s game.  We all have our groups of supporters.”
Although Boldt did not win, she loved the being a part of Coronation.
“I’m not going to lie; I love attention,” she said.  “I was nervous, but I liked the attention.  Everybody saw me; I was all dressed up.  My efforts didn’t go to waste.”
With the week coming to an end, the senior nominees and winners enjoy their last moments of Homecoming.
“I will miss getting together with all these people that I’ve known since kindergarten or even since freshman year,” Boldt said.  “It’s been so much fun.
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