A list of school essentials collected by an experienced student

By Mary-Kate Moloney

Features Writer

At the end of August every summer, as depressing as it is, its time for students to get their back to school supplies. You fill the big section of your backpack with the usual binders and folders in an array of different colors. Then you are left over with tons of small, seemingly useless pockets that no pen or pencil could possibly be shoved into. These pockets are the perfect size for school survival essentials.

Essential #1: Gum

Gum is a necessity in high school. It’s not because you are going to be kissing people in the hallway, but because it gives you something to do while you are listening to your teacher talk for 45 minutes straight and trying your hardest to keep your eyes open. Also, it is helpful for after lunch when the next period you have to work in a group and you don’t want your breath to smell.

Essential #2: Lip Balm

There is nothing worse than when your lips are dry and crusty, especially during school. How are you supposed to pay attention and learn when all you can concentrate on is your burning lips? Lip balm is compact and easy to carry; the perfect size for the smallest pocket of your backpack.

Essential #3: Deodorant

OK, I understand that you might put deodorant on in the morning before school, but that’s just not enough. High schoolers are going through puberty, aka they sweat a lot, aka they smell, aka they NEED deo. Don’t just keep it in your gym locker; keep a travel sized deodorant in your backpack to use when you get a little stanky throughout the day. Prospect can get very hot during the summer months and in the spring before the air conditioning is turned on so please do everyone a favor and keep deo with you and use it often.

Essential #4:Headphones

Since most people have smartphones, an ipod or even a school registered ipad, everyone has access to music. Most teachers will give you time to do your homework every now and then and trust me you will want headphones. Music just makes everything better, plus it keeps you focused on doing your work instead of chit-chatting with a friend.

Essential #5: Money

When I say money, I’m not talking twenty bucks. I’m thinking more like a couple dollars, maybe even a little bit of change. This comes in handy when you are parched or dying of hunger. You can run down to the vending machines and get yourself a snack during passing period. Also, it is helpful to keep some money for when you leave your lunch at home or run out of money in your lunch account, so that you have a back-up plan.

These items will make your high school experience a little bit easier and help you through the nine months that are ahead.