Environmental club cleans up courtyard's act

By Chris Kivalahanimage
Executive Opinion Editor

Most students go their entire Prospect career without setting foot in the courtyard. This is probably for the best, however, given that currently, the courtyard is overgrown, mosquito ridden, and the pond is filthy.

This year, however, environmental club, which meets every Wednesday after school, plans to change all that. Club sponsor and AP Environmental Science teacher Mollie David has quite the list of changes she hopes the club will make to the courtyard this year: cleaning the pond, repairing the waterfall and installing a filter, bringing in new plants, putting birdseed in the feeders, and maybe even putting up a bat house.

Apparently, bats are common around and inside Prospect. David’s hope is that, with a bat house, the bats would live outside instead of in the school.

David said she was “Glad we have more interest” in the club this year after a lackluster turnout last year. Senior Marta Zoltowski joined environmental club this year, after having been in botany and zoology clubs in the past.

Zoltowski said that her main reason for joining was that she had decided to be an Environmental Sciences major in college, and was interested in learning more about the natural world at Prospect. The clubs first meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 28 was very successful. The seven students that attended the first meeting were enthusiastic, and both David and Zoltowski expect more to join as the year goes on.

“Everyone participated,” Zoltowski said.