Rachel Zurbuch

On April 2 and 3, 13 students from Prospect’s Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) are going to state. 

On February 21, the team went to sectionals at Harper College where students qualified for state. The events range from fashion, cooking, child care and more. In order to qualify for state, students have to get a score of 90 or above out of 100. 

For the first time ever, Prospect has two students competing in Culinary Arts, seniors Noah Hernandez and Patrick Thompson, according to sponsor Amy Collins. 

Collins is excited to bring the students to state and since she is not judging any of the events, she will be able to spend more time with them. 

“It’s a lot on their own [the work],” Collins said. “It’s all about them stepping up to the plate and doing their thing.”  

Senior Ashley Ziemianin is participating in Event Planning with her partner senior Paige GIavan. 

For their project, Ziemianin said that they created a plan for a fundraiser gala for Mother’s Day for mothers with breast cancer. They had to do the financial plan, figure out the sponsors and venders, plan out the menu and more––everything needed to run the event successfully.

Then, they explain it to the judges on why all their factors work together well during the presentation. They also explain the volunteer work they did during the presentation, and Zieminanin explains that they went to Feed My Starving Children. 

Ziemianin feels “pretty confident” going into state and is excited for the event. Last year, she was able to make it to nationals with this event, so she is hopeful.

“This year, I feel like we [her and Glavan] are a lot more confident, and we work better together than we ever have before,” Ziemianin said.