Brendan Burke, Copy Editor

After Sunday night’s Democratic debate hosted by CNN and Univision in front of no audience, one of the biggest reveals of the night was when former Vice President Joe Biden announced that his running mate would be a female.


This debate was the smallest one of the entire primary season with only Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders facing off to primarily talk about how to handle the outbreak of COVID-19. Even though the two men in their late 70s mixed up the name of the novel coronavirus by referring to it as Ebola and SARS a few times, the debate did so that the two men would trust in others and not just their own opinions when coming down to a crisis such as this one.


The Democratic Party could not have shown more unity on Sunday considering the two remaining nominees did pledge to show their full support to whoever is the winner because of their everlasting goal to defeat President Donald Trump.


Despite all of the unity that was shown on stage, Americans everywhere are now getting prepared for another woman to be on the voting ticket come November. Now, the biggest question raised is who Biden’s running mate will be. 


California Sen. Kamala Harris? Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar? Former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams? Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren? These four women stick out as the leading nominees for the vice presidential pick.


I have been a large supporter of all four of these women for quite some time now and I can confidently say that any of them would make a very effective vice president. In fact, the three senators were all running for the Democratic nomination at some point in the 2020 election and they all polled in the top five at some point.


If anyone is curious about the candidate I support, I feel that Warren would be one of the most effective choices for Biden’s race and is definitely his possible choice. After she ended her campaign, many were surprised that the senator did not immediately endorse Sanders as a method of uniting the progressive wing of the party.

Instead, my theory is that Warren will be Biden’s choice as a running mate because she was the only woman who knocked him off of his perch as the front runner during the primary and he has recently endorsed specific progressive plans created by her. While this presidential election was once again not the one where a woman came out as the victor, it may just be the one where a female wins the office of the vice president.