Elizabeth Keane

Q: What type of art is your favorite to create and why?

A: “My favorite would be just drawing in general because it’s … easy to bring around places, and I find that it’s good practice to shade.”


Q: Are you looking to pursue art post-high school?

A: “Most likely. I would like to have it in some part of my life in the future; I don’t know if it would be a major aspect, but I would like to keep it around me.”


Q: What’s your favorite thing about being an artist?

A: “I love drawing people; I love drawing faces and making them look like the actual face I was using as a reference. That’s my favorite part.”


Q: What do you base most of your pieces off of?

A: “I don’t usually have a set idea — I usually keep it open through the process of me making projects. So, I kind of just change it as I go along and see what works and what I don’t like.”


Q: What is your favorite piece of art that you’ve created and why?

A: “My favorite piece would probably have to be this one charcoal and chalk drawing I did this year — it was of the center of my face … That was the second time I had ever used charcoal and chalk, so I was very proud of it because the first time I used charcoal and chalk, it did not turn out so well. I was glad that I improved.”