Cameron Sullivan, Online Editor-in-Chief

For 29 years, Head Cross Country coach and Special Education teacher Mike Stokes has been at Prospect willing to lend a helping hand. Over his time here he has taught history and science and he was also Head Boys’ Track coach for nine years and an assistant for 20.


While staff members have always been able to help Stokes out if needed, he could always repay the favor. If a fellow staff member ever needed anything at all, Stokes has always been flexible and readily able to help.


“I’ve had outstanding staff members partnered with me,” Stokes said.


This flexibility has come from being a Special Education teacher, as Stokes has had lots of students who have had problems and he’s always been there to help.


“He’s always available to me, he’s always willing to help me get through whatever I’m going through and he’s coached me to not only get better at running but to be a better person,” Senior Tom Walter said.


Walter has run cross country for Stokes for four years now and has said that Stokes is always very attentive and helps everyone he can. Walter also mentioned how much time and dedication Stokes has put in. 


Stokes has been to lots of coaching clinics and Special Education conferences. He used to have to go out of state and drive far for these but now, most of them are online so it has made things easier.


After all Stokes has done for Prospect and the Prospect community, this is final year here at Prospect. 


“It’s nice that on my way out after 29 years someone thought of me, and I hope I’ve left some good thoughts and memories in people’s minds when they think of me,” Stokes said.