Jenna Koch

Senior Alex Lasky thought his moment in Prospect’s spotlight was over. 

“I already was homecoming king, I already took that in, I was already like ‘This is insane,’” Lasky said. “The fact that people nominated me for a second thing that’s a big deal … is just absolutely bonkers.” 

Lasky is one of the nominees for the Prospector’s Person of the Year due to his involvement in Prospect’s theater and show choir programs as well as his positive and lively attitude, according to senior Niko Nava. 

Nava and Lasky met their freshman year in show choir. Nava says he’d joke around during class and that sort of friendly attitude was something that she initially admired about him. 

“He always talks to everyone,” Nava said. “No matter what grade they’re in, what friend group they’re in, he doesn’t care about any labels, he just … makes sure everyone feels included and makes sure they’re having fun.” 

She’s seen him take this inclusivity into his role as a dance captain in show choir this year. According to Nava, many younger members of show choir are sort “coming out of their shells,” and having the “big man on campus” welcome them into the activity leaves a lasting impact on them. 

“Everyone looks up to him, they really see him as an icon,” Nava said.

Lasky says he’s just had a very positive attitude and “bubbly personality” ever since he was a kid. 

“If I’m tearing other people down, that’s not going to make me want to be in this place anymore, especially in activities,” Lasky said. 

He doesn’t feel he’s made a huge change at Prospect, but just hopes his attitude and spirit will be remembered by his peers and teachers once he graduates.

“I would never want to leave [Prospect] and have people be like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so glad he’s gone!” Lasky said. “I want to be remembered … as a fun, positive light.”