Brendan Burke, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that the dates of the Wisconsin primary will not be extended amid the COVID-19 outbreak and required many voters to go to their polling places rather than mail-in their ballots. The dates were requested to be extended because the outbreak would give more people a chance to send in their ballots rather than risk catching the virus from in-person voting.

Many Republicans — including President Donald Trump — have been calling mail-in ballots “corrupt” in recent weeks and defend the Supreme Court decision that only passed with a 5-4 ruling. However, I am here to completely debunk this notion because of the absurdity of the claims. 

I usually try to keep immense opinion out of Prospector Political Publish, but this issue calls for true facts and common sense, not fiction for partisan gain. Even though Trump voted in Florida by mailing in a ballot, he claims he is “allowed to” while millions of other Americans are being stripped of this right.

I am sorry, but the fact that government officials across America consistently encourage in-person voting is yet another form of voter suppression that is a threat to the integrity of our democracy. Mail-in voting, especially during a pandemic, is not corrupt and is in fact the safer and more accurate option for voting.

By making voting more accessible, more people will participate in the American democracy. A healthy democracy is only such when voters are engaged and do not have to risk their lives to exercise a constitutional right.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently released a video on her YouTube channel in response to the Supreme Court decision by reading letters from concerned Americans across the country. The most upsetting story to stand out is one of a man speaking of his 85-year-old parents who have to risk their lives by contracting coronavirus in order to vote.

This issue is not a difficult one and is in fact very simple to fix: encourage mail-in ballots. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is right to say in her dissenting opinion that the majority voters “boggle” her mind; it seems as though even the highest judiciaries in the country no longer care for the protection of citizens.