Brendan Burke, Associate Editor-in-Chief

It was 19 years ago. I was not even born yet. Nevertheless, that depressing day will forever be important to me and every American. 19 years ago was Sept. 11, 2001 — the day the World Trade Center was attacked in New York City by terrorists and resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans. The day we as Americans must never forget.


I began Prospector Political Publish nearly one year ago and the purpose of this blog was to share my political takes on hot button issues every Friday. The reason this week of Political Publish is being released on Saturday is out of a sign of respect. 


I did not post Political Publish on 9/11 because that is a day every single American citizen needs to put their politics aside and focus on the brave first responders and innocent civilians who lost their lives nearly two decades ago. This has always been a belief of mine, and it will continue to be one for the rest of my life. 


It is for this reason that I was pleased when the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that none of his campaign advertisements would be running on this day of patriotism. Like Biden, I believe that every American needs to hit pause on their political differences for a day and show respect to those who died so recently in our history.


If we fail to put our views aside on this solemn day, we will not be living up to our promise to never forget that horrid day. In recent time, it has become perfectly clear that no one political party is willing to bridge our partisan gap and civilly discuss issues. Yes, some of us are Democrats, some of us are Republicans and some of us are Independents, but the one title we all share in common is that we are Americans.


Like the day we were attacked by foreign terrorists on U.S. soil, we must never forget that despite our political differences — we are all Americans. I hope on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 everyone reading this was able to put their political views aside and soak in the grand patriotism this country provides.


Never forget.